Country Code 1300

What is Country Code 1300

Country Code 1300 is the country code for Australia. It was assigned in 1997. Country code 1300 numbers are commonly used for business line services and are charged at a higher rate than regular domestic numbers. Call Nation were originally introduced as a way to help businesses advertise their services more effectively. By using a 1300 number, businesses could have a single, easy-to-remember number that was advertised nationally. This made it easier for customers to call businesses, and also allowed businesses to track the effectiveness of their advertising.

About Country Code 1300

Today, Country Code 1300 is still used for business line services, but is also available for personal use. Country Code 1300 numbers can be used for anything from personal hotlines to dating services.

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Country code 1300 is the country code for Australia. It was introduced in 1961.

Codes of Country Code 1300

Some of the other country codes in use include:

– 1 (US and Canada)

– 44 (UK)

– 49 (Germany)

– 33 (France)

– 81 (Japan)

Country code 1300 is used for premium rate services in Australia. These are services that charge higher than normal rates, such as contest lines and psychic hotlines.

If you are calling a 1300 phone number from outside of Australia, you will need to use the international prefix for Australia, which is +61. For example, a full number would be.Country Code 1300 have code 256 area code,260 area code use include.

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